Gerbera Specialist

With an inspiring
and distinctive range

From gerberas that you know and love to unique varieties. Each one of them in a variety of colours, types and sizes. Gerbera United is an innovative gerbera nursery and we want to keep surprising you with our special collection.

An unrivalled range



Perfection, the classic beauty of the gerbera collection. Timeless and very special. The quintessential gerbera that continues to captivate and is available in so many colours, as a large-flowering variety and mini gerbera.




Ambition, the eccentric gem from the growers. Extravagant, original and special. But above all beautiful. These are the varieties that you don’t often see and therefore rightly belong in the Gerbera United collection, in different variations and sizes. Meet our gerbera varieties Spider, Pasta, Pastini, Spherical / Full and Piccolini, in all colours and sizes.