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frequently asked questions

How many types of gerbera do you grow?
On 10.5 hectares, distributed across our sites in Nootdorp, Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen, we grow more than 130 types of gerbera.
What different types, sizes and colours of gerbera do you grow?

Our range consists of different types, colours and sizes of gerbera. From mini gerberas to large-flowered varieties. From pastas to piccolinis. As a partner of Gerbera United, you are assured of an innovative and comprehensive range.

How are your gerberas grown and processed?

To grow our gerberas, we use the most innovative and sustainable cultivation techniques, such as LED lighting, dehumidification systems, drones for organic pesticide control and energy screens. And at our cutting-edge processing site in Nootdorp, we have an automated logistics system, enabling the gerberas to be efficiently packaged as required and shipped using the chosen transport solution.

What is the best care for gerberas?

To enjoy our beautiful gerberas for as long as possible, we have the following care tips for you:

  • Use a clean (preferably glass) vase.
  • Cut the stem 2-3 cm diagonally with a clean and sharp knife or pair of scissors.
  • Fill the vase with half a litre of water and add a packet of cut flower food.
  • Keep the gerberas away from ripening fruit, draughts, heat and direct sunlight.

If you follow these tips, you will extend the life of a vase of gerberas by up to 60%.

What transport options are available?

We have our own transport or work with our transport partners. Together we are able to deliver our beautiful gerberas throughout Europe.

What packaging options do you offer?

We transport our flowers in the highest quality packaging, allowing our consumers to enjoy them as much as we do. We have appropriate packaging for all of your needs.

How do I become a customer of Gerbera United?

Would you like to join forces to innovate and be at the forefront in every field? Contact us today to enter into a partnership.

What do you do in terms of sustainability?

We offer a sustainable product range by using the latest cultivation techniques. For example, we grow gerberas using LED lighting, dehumidification systems, the addition of an electric boiler and the latest energy screens. This way, we grow more gerberas using less energy and less gas, which benefits the climate and the environment. At Gerbera United, you can count on the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, labour, plant protection and the environment.

Which certifications do you hold?

Our company holds the following certifications: MPS A, MPS Gap and MPS SQ.

What are the special crazy mixes?

Especially for you, we have developed Crazy mixes (25 stems) for a beautifully assorted order. This enables you to continually amaze customers with our unusual collection of gerberas.

What are the benefits of a partnership with Gerbera United?

A partnership with Gerbera United has many benefits. We have summarised these benefits in five overarching benefits. On the ‘benefits page’ discover how we can be of added value to you.

What are your contact details

Contact details
Postal adress
Bredeweg 36
2752 AA Moerkapelle
079 - 593 12 52
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supply nr: 020660

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