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A partnership with Gerbera United has many benefits. We have summarised these benefits in five overarching benefits. Discover how we can add value for you.

five benefits


Discover the added value of our quality, sustainability, cultivation and processing operations and our customer-focussed approach. Together, we create a flourishing future, full of beautiful gerberas.

benefit 1

innovative and

From a gerbera you are familiar with, to unique varieties. Our range consists of different types, colours and sizes of gerbera. From mini gerberas to large-flowered varieties. From pasta to piccolini. As a partner of Gerbera United, you are always assured of an innovative and comprehensive range.

benefit 2

at the forefront

We offer a sustainable product range by using the latest cultivation techniques. This enables us to grow more gerberas using less energy, which benefits the climate and the environment. At Gerbera United, you can count on the highest standards in terms of quality, safety, labour, plant protection and the environment.

benefit 3


On 10.5 hectares, distributed across our sites in Nootdorp, Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen, we grow more than 130 types of gerbera. We use the most innovative and sustainable cultivation techniques, such as LED lighting, dehumidification systems, the addition of an electric boiler and energy screens. As a result, we we know how to improve efficiency and sustainability.

benefit 4

on-time delivery
packaging and

Our gerberas take an extremely efficient route from our nursery to you. At our Nootdorp and Moerkapelle sites, we have a state-of-the-art processing location and an efficient logistics process. This enables our gerberas to arrive even faster and even fresher at their destination.

benefit 5


We always find ‘the perfect match’ between our gerbera range and your requirements. We communicate transparently, join in our customers’ thought processes and we anticipate based on your requirements and data from the market. As the most customer-oriented gerbera grower, you can rely on our dedication and loyalty.

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Diana van den Berg

letting you stand out

With our unique gerberas of the highest quality, creating an original bouquet is easier than ever.