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sustainable innovation

for the next generation

Gerbera United is at the forefront of sustainable innovation. We are always working on innovative solutions that make a difference. Not only to grow our organisation, but also to contribute to a sustainable world.

energy efficiency 

LED lighting

We use LED lighting in our greenhouses. Our LED lighting allows us to give our gerbera flowers exactly the correct level of light, because of the different gradations and colours of light. This also allows us to improve our energy efficiency. LED lighting requires almost half the input to provide gerberas with the same light, meaning we save 50% in electricity. Add to this the longer service life and you will see that this is an important step within our organisation in which we innovate sustainably.

lower humidity


The introduction of the DryGair machine has a significant impact on energy savings in our nursery. Managing humidity poses a challenge to nurseries. Opened windows results in heat loss and the use of heating pipes to high gas and electricity consumption. The DryGair system offers a more efficient dehumidification solution, reducing heat loss and requiring less gas to generate heat. This results in more sustainable gerbera cultivation and significant energy savings.

lower gas consumption


We have taken a major step forward in sustainability and energy efficiency by investing in an E-boiler for heat in our greenhouses. This replaces a traditional gas-fired boiler and is in line with our goal of reducing gas consumption by 75%. The E-boiler uses electricity to generate heat, which is environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also helps to balance the electricity grid during peak loads by converting excess green energy into heat. This investment demonstrates our commitment to fossil-free operations. We are committed to a greener future.

fewer waste flows

reuse of
raw materials

The reuse of raw materials is one of our core values, with a focus on collecting and reusing drain water in the greenhouses. This innovative process minimises the use of water and ensures that crops remain healthy. Drain water, which would otherwise be wasted, is collected, filtered, treated and disinfected before being reused to water the plants. We therefore do not deplete the soil and do not create waste flows, plus there is no discharge. The recycled water supplies the gerbera flowers with nutrients and minerals, resulting in healthier and stronger plants and this reduces our ecological footprint.

reuse of CO2 from industry


Gerbera United uses OCAP to reduce CO2 and reuse CO2 released by industry. OCAP collects CO2 from the port of Rotterdam, purifies it and transports it to the greenhouses. This means we do not have to produce our own CO2 and this contributes to the sustainability of the Netherlands. The process illustrates the 'cradle to cradle' principle, where CO2 is reused instead of extracting it from fossil fuels, resulting in a significant reduction in the carbon footprint resulting from cultivation, and contributes to the reduction of CO2 in society.

data collection


We have installed various sensors in our greenhouses to monitor cultivation. These sensors continuously measure key parameters, such as temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, soil moisture and light intensity. We collect and analyse these data to gain an understanding of how the plant behaves and feels. This allows us to respond more effectively to certain situations. These insights allow us to reduce the energy input.

environmentally friendly


We are strongly committed to organic pest control and we hang banker plants to provide a home for these beneficial insects. This ensures a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to growing, tackling pests quickly and effectively before they can cause damage. This all contributes to sustainable and environmentally responsible horticulture.

healthy gerberas

saving screens

Using screens benefits our nursery in many ways. We have invested in both blackout screens and a diffuse energy saving screen. The screens enable us to regulate exposure to sunlight, they protect plants from sunburn and regulate the temperature. This results in more consistent and better managed production of gerbera flowers throughout the year. This investment illustrates our focus on growing healthy gerbera flowers, with energy savings of 45%.




We are MPS-GAP certified, meeting various (sustainability) requirements in areas such as traceability, (food) safety, the environment, energy, water, plant protection products and fertilisers.


The MPS-Socially Qualified (SQ) certificate demonstrates our compliance with national and international requirements relating to safety, health and working conditions.


The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) helps companies worldwide to trade responsibly. Our membership gives us access to information, training and support. SEDEX helps us keep control of our supply chain.

training company

Gerbera United is an accredited training company. We give MBO (intermediate vocational training) students the opportunity to do a work placement with us. In this way, we give these students the opportunity to develop themselves within a fantastic sector!

Dick Kooij

our promise

We consciously choose sustainable solutions, with as little environmental impact as possible. We are dedicated to making Gerbera United as fossil-free as we can!