Gerbera United

Meet the growers

It all started in the Gerbera United greenhouses in Zuidplas, the Netherlands. A huge variety of gerberas are grown on the 7.5-hectare site. We focus on the special varieties of gerberas that enhance any bouquet, and we supply the wholesale market who in turn supply the florists. As the gerbera specialist offering a very special range, we see it as our job to do everything possible to ensure that the florist can create the most original bouquets with our distinctive gerberas.

Dick Kooij and W.P. van den Berg are the growers behind Gerbera United. They started Gerbera United in 2008, each with their own speciality. Throughout the year they develop and grow the most beautiful and exceptional gerberas, and they now have an extensive range of classic and unique varieties in many colours and sizes.

24 hours a day ordering
75000 square meters of
cultivation space
60 Perfection gerbera
43 Ambition Gerbera
45000000 stems per year

Good to know…

Reliable ordering

Good service is a quality we value, for both small and large orders. That is why we think our customers deserve to receive our products as soon as possible. Order in the morning for delivery in the afternoon. Gerbera United believe there is more to good service and so we love to inspire our clients with a distinctive range and the very latest trends.


One supplier, 103 varieties

Gerbera United offers two distinct product lines ‘Ambition’ and ‘Perfection’. The most amazing gerbera varieties are part of the ‘Ambition’ range. Think of the tiny Piccolini, the curly Pasta, the lush Springs and the full Gerondo. ‘Perfection’ varieties are the true classics that complete your collection. Each of these varieties are available all year and they form our complete range. You can get all your gerberas from just one place.


Order 24/7 on our online store

Gerbera United offers a comprehensive service to its clients, including an electronic ordering system. The complete range is available on our online shop, in all the packaging lines and it is continuously updated. This allows our customers to order at any time, and be assured of delivery. The online store is accessed using a login code. No code yet? Ask us for one!

Strong together

Gerbera United in pictures

Behind breeders Dick and W.P. are an enthusiastic team that make Gerbera United. Together we have the same goal – to surprise our clients with the most amazing gerberas. Do you want to know more about Gerbera United and our range? We are always happy to help you!

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